We offer Legal And Insured commercial aerial solutions that deliver actionable data with the utmost safety and affordability, with fast turnaround times.

Legal And Insured Drone Services

Dronector Ltd provides legal and insured commercial drone services to a wide range of industries and businesses. Our customized aerial solutions employ Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones to acquire essential business information in a faster, safer, and more cost-effective manner, and then transform this data into analytical information that assists you in making better business decisions and increasing overall operational efficiency. Our core drone services include flight operations, data analytics, and reporting for a wide range of businesses.

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Drones are lighter, more flexible, typically more intelligent, safer, and quieter than other overhead filmmaking solutions, such as helicopters and cranes. They’re also far less costly, in time and money. We can help you capture engaging and dynamic aerial footage at live sports, music, and cultural events.

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The ability of a remote-controlled aerial vehicle to search large areas quickly and efficiently with high definition video and thermal video regardless of ground conditions, whether in response to a disaster earthquake, a missing hiker, or a boater in distress, makes search and rescue operations much more efficient and effective.

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Agricultural drones provide growers, service providers, and agri-researchers a fast and efficient way to scout their crops, identify stress, create treatment plans, track plant growth, and much more.

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Using zoom, thermal and video-capable drones, we are able to accurately inspect your critical infrastructure and sites from an unseen vantage point and provide real-time information.

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Have an industry-specific training course you would like to pursue? 

In some cases, a type-Rating may not be available but the KCAA require proof of skill or ability and we have you covered. We can tailor-make payload courses as per your requirements to ensure you are flight-ready to launch your career in almost any corporate UAS industry.

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