The ability of a remote-controlled aerial vehicle to search large areas quickly and efficiently with high definition video and thermal video regardless of ground conditions, whether in response to a disaster earthquake, a missing hiker, or a boater in distress, makes search and rescue operations much more efficient and effective.

The most difficult and time-consuming aspect of a search and rescue incident response is locating injured and distressed people and coordinating ground team responses to those people.

A drone with an infrared (thermal) camera and a zoom camera may rapidly find a target and then zoom in to check on their condition.

Drones with thermal imaging cameras can cover large areas much faster than ground crews, and they can be deployed much more quickly and for a fraction of the cost of traditional manned aircraft.

Using drone technology, our qualified team of experienced UAV pilots can:

  • Quickly search large areas,
  • Identify a person in distress based on their thermal signature,
  • Assess their condition and the environment with high-definition video,
  • Communicate in real-time to ground resources
      1. The victim’s location,
      2. Ground accessibility conditions,
      3. Any other relevant information that is critical to ground resource assets trying to reach victims.
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