Dronector Ltd Who We Are

We are a premium drone training facility run by highly motivated, passionate and experienced aviation and UAS professionals. Coming from a background of manned aviation training, we aim to build a reputation of superior training standards not only in Africa but worldwide.

We offer our clients the absolute best in professional drone license courses to take them straight from class to providing excellence in highly specialized industry-specific UAS operation

Why Us?

01. Best Practices

We put safety and quality first in all our drone pilot training and operations. We have a dedicated specialist account manager with years of experience, who understands your business needs, will guide your operations from start to finish, ensuring you receive your data in a format compatible with your management software.

02. Cost Efficiency

We assure you that our training is competitively cost-effective both locally and internationally in terms of best value for money

03. Highly Experienced Team

Our Team delivers prompt and professional service, from site checks and set-up to flight operations and data transfer, saving you time and money.

04. Insured Drone Operators

You are legally insured against any incident that may occur during flight operations and you do not have to worry about being held liable for employing an illegal drone operator. Dronector is dedicated to working with regulators and other aviation bodies to develop and support the successful and sustainable growth of the drone industry.

Drone Operations and Flight School

KCAA Certified

We offer specialist commercial drone pilot training, to equip our candidates with a Remote Pilot License (RPL) and its relevant ratings as well as various specialized courses. These include Fixed-wing rating, the Instructor’s rating, drone and rc model plane building, Drone Racing Familiarization courses and many more to come. Dronector also offers state of the art Legal and Insured commercial aerial solutions that deliver actionable data more safely and affordably to serve any and all clients needs with fast turnaround times.

Courses Offered
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