About This Service

Drones are lighter, more flexible, typically more intelligent, safer, and quieter than other overhead filmmaking solutions, such as helicopters and cranes. They’re also far less costly, in time and money.

We can help you capture engaging and dynamic aerial footage at live sports, music, and cultural events. Whether you need high-resolution still photos or 4K ultra-high resolution video, we have a solution for you at the fraction of the cost of using manned aircraft.

Every movie, short film, and TV or web series now features drone footage, from one-man-band travel vlogs on YouTube to billion-dollar blockbuster flicks on the big screen. We work with directors, writers, and cinematographers to capture cinema-grade aerial shots for productions of all scales, including films, ads, documentaries, and behind-the-scenes storytelling.

Why work with Dronector Ltd?

KCAA Approved Pilots

We hold a ROC — Remote Air Operators Certificate, granted to us by the Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) — for legal commercial flying!

Serious About Safety

Risk assessments, pre-flight plans, and specialist PPE: we ensure every shoot is safe, and closely adhere to rules on flying near busy sets bustling with production crews.

National Coverage

Our pilots and ground teamwork all over Kenya, in the busiest and the most remote places. We’re familiar with staying in cities far and wide for multi-week production schedules.

Press Contracts

We offer retainer contracts for quick-response aerial filmmaking work, capturing drone footage of ongoing events for news broadcasts, and photography for print.

Cinema Quality

With our Xenmuse X7 lenses docked on our DJI Inspire 2, we capture 6K CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes (licensed) at varying focal lengths, with total freedom to match the director’s artistic vision.

Shooting at Sea

We’re professionally insured for and confidently experienced with launching and catching drones by hand while working on film and TV projects from vessels and platforms out at sea.

FPV Drone Flights

We’re qualified for first-person view drone flights, using our Kit-built FPV drones, cinewhoops, and seamless 360º camera set up to capture agile, exciting, freestyle aerial footage — indoors, outdoors, and at sea.

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